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Our Consulting Services

All Things Coffee

Whether you run a thriving coffee shop or simply savor the joy of a perfect cup, we are here to help you with all things coffee. 

Training Services

Our hands-on experience in barista training equips clients with the essential skills and knowledge needed to deliver an exceptional coffee experience. DMV Barista’s commitment to barista training within our consulting framework underscores our dedication to cultivating excellence in every aspect of the coffee journey, from bean to cup.

Barista Training

Want to step up your or your staff's barista game? 1:1 or group training sessions available. From espresso basics to latte art, we cover everything baristas need to serve your community effectively and efficiently.

Customer Service 

Transform your customer service game with our comprehensive training!

Designed to elevate your team's skills, our training

creates exceptional customer experiences that keep clients coming back.

Streamlining Workflow 

Have an existing shop that needs revamped? Experience the power of streamlined operations with our consulting solutions. At DMV BARISTA, we specialize in transforming chaos into cohesion. Let us guide you through a uniquely tailored plan that enhances workflow efficiency, resulting in increased productivity, reduced costs, and a smoother path to success.

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Real Estate Services

We understand that finding the right location for your coffee business is as crucial as crafting the perfect brew. Our expert team is dedicated to sourcing prime real estate opportunities with a network of local connections. We will personally help you close on your DMV property. DMV BARISTA offers clients invaluable insights into strategically selecting locations, optimizing space, and navigating the logistical intricacies of establishing a successful coffee business.  

Menu Development

Like the items you see below? DMV BARISTA takes pride in offering a diverse range of options for your coffee shop. Our commitment goes beyond helping you craft a menu; we extend a hand to guide you through the art of making our signature drinks. Elevate your coffee shop experience with our expertise in pairing the perfect food with the perfect drink. Dive into a selection of fun, seasonal, and traditional items, allowing you to customize and curate a menu that resonates with the unique character of your own shop! We go beyond the ordinary, working closely with you to infuse your coffee shop with one-of-a-kind flavor combinations. Let us be your partners in turning your coffee shop into a destination where every sip and bite tell a story.


Equipment Selection 

Are you overwhelmed by the selection and prices of coffee equipment? Let us help you! We will help you navigate the needs of your cozy neighborhood cafe or high-volume espresso bar. We provide personalized advice to match your specific needs with the best deals and latest advancements. From espresso machines to grinders and beyond, our goal is to ensure your equipment selection aligns seamlessly with your vision, optimizing both performance and efficiency for a brewing experience that stands out in the competitive coffee landscape.

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   Promotional Services

With a background in photography and specialty coffee, we love to provide services to shops and other small businesses who want to step up their marketing game with stunning visuals. Our professional photography showcases the identity of each coffee shop for both existing coffee shops and future businesses.

Catering Services

Here for all your party needs. We bring the caffeine to you! Private events, office parties, holiday gatherings, we can do it all. Let us know what you are looking for and we can work to meet your specific needs.


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